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G503 Spotlight
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Make: Ford GPW 74702
Submitted By: Chase Colwell
Location: College Station, Texas, United States
Comments: This is a GPW that I acquired through a friend of my father's my senior year of high school. This is my very first restoration project and I am excited to finally join the restoration community.
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We were recently contacted by Chris Story, a member of the Dixie Division. He has a website called radionerds.com, where he hosts military communications manuals.

These are are all FREE, with no limits on download and there are no ads or commercial products sold. It is strictly a digital library for public domain documents.

Chris has recently added a new archive of all the PS Magazine issues and has access to the entire archive from the US Army. These are now online and can be seen and downloaded here at psmag.radionerds.com. These are a completely free resource.

Enjoy and thanks for looking!

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