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G503 Spotlight
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Make: Ford GPW 20552
Submitted By: Eric
Location: Oregon , United States
Comments: A 1942 ford GPW in the process of being restored.
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We were recently contacted by Chris Story, a member of the Dixie Division. He has a website called radionerds.com, where he hosts military communications manuals.

These are are all FREE, with no limits on download and there are no ads or commercial products sold. It is strictly a digital library for public domain documents.

Chris has recently added a new archive of all the PS Magazine issues and has access to the entire archive from the US Army. These are now online and can be seen and downloaded here at psmag.radionerds.com. These are a completely free resource.

Enjoy and thanks for looking!

G503 Related Events

LST-325 at Decatur, Alabama

September 04 through September 09, 2014

Decatur, Alabama, United States

LST-325 is going to be docked and open to the public at Ingalls Harbor in Decatur, Alabama September 4 - 9. On Saturday, September 6, The Dixie Division Military Vehicles Club will be displaying vehicles alongside the vessel. LST-325 was launched on 27 October 1942, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The ship operated in the North Africa area and participated in the invasions at Gela, Sicily and Salerno, Italy. On 6 June 1944, LST-325 was part of the largest armada in history by participating in the Normandy Landings at Omaha Beach. She carried 59 vehicles, 31 officers and a total of 408 enlisted men on that first trip. On her first trip back to England from France, LST-325 hauled 38 casualties back to a friendly port. Over the next nine months, Navy records show LST-325 made more than 40 trips back and forth across the English Channel, carrying thousands of men and pieces of equipment needed by troops to successfully complete the liberation of Europe. The ship continued to run supply trips between England and France before returning to the United States in March 1945.

For more information visit:   https://www.facebook.com/events/1523703251...

LST-325 at Chattanooga, Tennessee

September 12 through September 17, 2014

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States

For Group Tours and questions contact Mickey McCamish with Friends of the Festival at 1-423-265-4112.

For more information visit:   http://www.lstmemorial.org/

Dixie Division Brierfield Iron Works Rally

September 19 through September 20, 2014

Brierfield, Alabama, United States

A yearly event at the peaceful Brierfield State Park. Its a great location with plenty of space that makes this an excellent show every year. Address: Brierfield Iron Works 240 Furnace Parkway Brierfield, AL 35035 Contact: Name: Teresa Hallman Email: dietmtdew@att.net

For more information visit:   http://www.ddmvpa.org/?p=events