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G503 Spotlight
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Make: Willys MB 303116
Submitted By: Damian (demon) Rowley
Location: Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex, England
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Come visit G503 & Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts


We will be there April 22-26, 2015

Full Event Details can be found here.



We were recently contacted by Chris Story, a member of the Dixie Division. He has a website called radionerds.com, where he hosts military communications manuals.

These are are all FREE, with no limits on download and there are no ads or commercial products sold. It is strictly a digital library for public domain documents.

Chris has recently added a new archive of all the PS Magazine issues and has access to the entire archive from the US Army. These are now online and can be seen and downloaded here at psmag.radionerds.com. These are a completely free resource.

Enjoy and thanks for looking!

G503 Related Events

WW2 flame throwers event

April 18, 2015

Athol, Massachusetts, United States

This is origonaly from anouther group in New England but I thought that some of you may be interested. Its a chance to see 4 flamethrowers in action (includeing one mounted in a tank) and maybe even use one. I know its last min, but it is a fast moving idea. Thanks for any help you can offer and I hope to see some of you there. http://www.northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/threads/276768-NES-WW2-Flamethrower-Shoot Hey Everyone, As you may know, I was looking for land where we could use Flamethrowers for an event. Well FSTC, a long time member on here, reached out to help me with my request. I went to Athol, MA today to do a safety walkthrough of the proposed location. Well, everything checked out and it is perfect. So on April 18th we are going to be having a WWII Saturday, where we will have a total of four different Flamethrowers: an American M2-2, German Flammenwerfer 41, American M3 Auxiliary bow flamethrower, and finally a Vietnam-era American M9-7 flamethrower. Additionally there will be several different machine guns that we will be demonstrating for you guys. We will have many German and American reenactors coming out with equipment, uniforms, and weapons. We want to bring out an M3 American Half-track and an M5 light Stuart tank as well. However, all of this stuff costs money. So while we won’t be charging admission, we would love it if we could get some donations to help cover the initial costs of this event. You can donate to the gofundme campaign or donate at the door. You will get to see the M5 Stuart live fire its Browning M1919 bow-mounted machine gun, as well as the M3 bow flamethrower used as it was intended to be used. You will see many German and American WWII infantry weapons demonstrated as well. Present will also be some WW2 German motorcycles with sidecars. A flamethrower expert will be giving demonstrations and will be allowing people to handle the flamethrowers. As the event gets closer, we will send out an official schedule for the day as well as the address and start time of the event. As far as food is concerned, this will be a pot-luck type event. Everyone brings something so that everyone else can eat. Overall, this will be a great way to meet people from the Forum and learn about military history. If we can get the armor to come out, anyone who donates will be entered into a raffle for the chance to ride in the turret of the M5 or the back of the M3, depending on circumstances. Is everyone ready for an awesome event? Any questions, comments, feedback or advice please let me know Also bring range eyes and ears. Update: There are now 20 spots open on Saturday evening to use either the M2-2, M9-7, or the Flammenwerffer 41. This will cost money and you will have to sign a waiver. Please message me for details. We really want this event to be annual and the only way to do that is to raise the necessary funds to cover our expenses. 3 of 20 spots claimed Update 2: It will cost $650 to get the tank and half-track there! We are almost to our first campaign goal guys! Also bring range eyes and ears. Both raffle winners will be chosen via a random number generator and posted Friday April 17th! Gofundme Campaign: https://gofundme.com/ovcwmw Note had to change the campaign because it was against the rules, I can't mention weapons or ammo.

For more information visit:   http://www.northeastshooters.com/vbulletin...

Camp Delta at Tower Park Resort Annual April Meet 2015

April 20 through April 26, 2015

Between Rio Vista & Lodi, California, United States

The Military Vehicle Collectors of California is planning the largest annual MV swap meet and gathering in the WEST at Stockton Delta KOA at Tower Park Resort. First Sunday-Monday are for early birds. Best days are Wed-Sat. Last Sunday is pull out day. MVs in any condition are welcome. No formal judging but there will be two special MV Showcases on Friday with People's Choice contests and cash prizes: Emergency Military Vehicles - Ambulance, Police, Fire, Rescue, Tow/Wrecker. Any nationality regardless of condition. A money sponsor to be named later. Winner of this contest to also receive 4 gal. Gillespie paint from Jon Bircheff at Carson Plains Surplus & Storage. Also a Foreign Military Vehicle Showcase sponsored by Expedition Imports, Vallejo, CA - All non-U.S. made military vehicles regardless of condition. Also allowed are US MVs portraying foreign service, and US made Lend-Lease MVs regardless of current markings. EMU-309 Huey to fly in probably on Saturday. MV Lunch Run to A&W Root Beer restaurant in Lodi on Thursday. Women's winery breakfast on Thursday and a Social on Friday. BBQ dinners, a tentative spud gun shoot, and more! As usual we have [u]no registration, admission, or parking fees. No vendor fees [/u]but all vendors must be in paid KOA campsites. Hotels are six miles away. MV display area is available for all days. For those who have not been to the April version of this meet (we do a smaller one in September), please look closely at the MVCC website for camping reservation and parking details: http://www.mvccnews.net/event_pages/tower_park/tower_park_spring.htm Also mark your calendar for the 2016 MVPA National Convention to be held in Pleasanton, CA on August 11-13, 2016. For more information contact John at in_garage@hotmail.com

For more information visit:   www.mvccnews.net


April 24 through April 26, 2015

Montese, Bologna, Parma, Emilia Romagna, ITALIA

April 2015 marks the seventieth anniversary of the Liberation of Northern Italy and the end of WWII. To celebrate these fateful recurrence, the GoticaToscana Association joins with many other associations, including HMV Italia – MVPA affiliate, in organizing The Column of Liberation 2015. This year's edition, quite appropriately given its historic relevance for us in Italy, also welcomes the special participation of a highly qualified MVPA delegation. For information and details on this on-the-road HMV event, please visit the listed website.

For more information visit:   http://www.goticatoscana.eu/en/events/the_...