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Jeep Ford GPW 192374

Military Jeep Model:

Ford GPW

Serial Number:


Mil. Reg. (Hood) Number:


Frame Number:

Engine Number:

Body Number:


Body Type:

ACM Type 1

Factory Mystery Code:

Gross Weight:

Data Plate Origin:


Data Plate Material:


Date of Delivery:

May, 1944

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Submitted By:

Michael Lycett

Date of Acquisition:

Saturday August 17th, 1991

Location of Jeep:

Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Date Submitted:

Monday September 5th, 2005

Date Last Modified:

Sunday September 25th, 2011

G503 Spotlight Blurb:

Origional issued to the British Army and then sold to the Norwegian Army in the early 50's. Brought back to the uk in 91 when aquired by current owner. REME dash plate shows: Re-Built 23rd Heavy Workshop coy REME 13 04 52 Demag Factory Wetter Germany


This is a 1944 Ford GPW. The serial no suggests a dod of early May. It was supplied to the British army under contract 2275. The REME dash plate gives the post war registration of 93 YH 19 which I was able to trace to the British wartime hood number M5845301. After its REME rebuild it was "sold of allies". When I bought it, it had Norwegian plates on the gearbox and engine. So I'm guessing that it had been sold to the Norwegian Goverment. I bought it in 1991 from a local garage who had imported four jeeps from norway. It now carries the makings of the 2nd Battalion of the East Yorkshire Regiment.

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223 times   ( history )

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