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Jeep Willys MB 203410

Military Jeep Model:

Willys MB

Serial Number:


Mil. Reg. (Hood) Number:


Frame Number:


Engine Number:


Body Number:


Body Type:

ACM Type 1

Factory Mystery Code:


Gross Weight:


Data Plate Origin:


Data Plate Material:


Date of Delivery:

Monday January 18th, 1943

Submitted By:

Sam Cottongim

Date of Acquisition:

Monday April 14th, 2003

Location of Jeep:

Monroe, Ohio, United States

Date Submitted:

Saturday November 15th, 2003

Date Last Modified:

Friday January 19th, 2018

G503 Spotlight Blurb:

Hope to get it back to it's original beauty. As of Nov 2008, frame is repaired and back in OD. Hope to get it back to a rolling chassis soon.


I bought it on April 14th, 2003 in Northern Pennsylvania. In process of resto. Lots to do!!!! I think the engine block is MB, but has NC52339 stamped into the boss behind the oil filler. Head is Ford. DOD is estimate, based on other serial numbers on The Gee.

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