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Jeep Willys MB 195621

Military Jeep Model:

Willys MB

Serial Number:


Mil. Reg. (Hood) Number:

Frame Number:

MB 195621

Engine Number:

PQC 144

Body Number:


Body Type:

ACM Type 1

Factory Mystery Code:

Gross Weight:


Data Plate Origin:


Data Plate Material:


Date of Delivery:

Monday December 14th, 1942   (1942-12-14)

Submitted By:

Joao-Claudio VIEIRA

Date of Acquisition:

Monday December 14th, 1942   (entered as 1942-12-14)

Location of Jeep:


Date Submitted:

Friday July 18th, 2003

Date Last Modified:

Thursday October 5th, 2006

G503 Spotlight Blurb:


I bought this jeep from a brazilian army auction in 1989 Its frame and body was still in good shape. The engine seems to be original(no ribs in the head cover) and its number is PC144. The 3 data plates in the glove box are new and fitted during the general overhaul done by the army In the new data plate the serial number is PQC 144 and the delivery data is 10 MAY 1967. The body number 97.378 is stamped and clear visible but the frame ID plate is missing.The 2 holes with one rivet are still there. After a complete restoration of the body, i bougth many parts,acessories and tools in USA, Canada and France. This litle jewel seems now quite original. The delivery data and frame number are estimated. One infantry division ( ~25.000 mens) of the brazilian army fought in Italy during the WWII and they were equiped with ~600 jeeps. Is my jeep one of of the survivors? Who knows???

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199 times   ( history )

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