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Jeep Willys MB 155818

Military Jeep Model:

Willys MB

Serial Number:


Mil. Reg. (Hood) Number:

Frame Number:


Engine Number:

Body Number:

Body Type:


Factory Mystery Code:

Gross Weight:


Data Plate Origin:


Data Plate Material:


Date of Delivery:

Thursday July 2nd, 1942

Submitted By:

James Pringle

Date of Acquisition:

Thursday July 2nd, 1942

Location of Jeep:

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Date Submitted:

Monday September 8th, 2003

Date Last Modified:

Monday September 8th, 2003

G503 Spotlight Blurb:


Vehicle was one of the 11000 that Canada bought during WW2. Has Willys script on rear panel and lifting rings as per the CDLV (Contract Demand Light Vehicle)505. It never went overseas but it was a sad mess after 50 plus years of abuse and hard weather. Reengined with a 2A engine now.

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205 times   ( history )

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