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Jeep Ford GPW 110647

Military Jeep Model:

Ford GPW

Serial Number:


Mil. Reg. (Hood) Number:

20374205 est.

Frame Number:

* GPW 110647 *

Engine Number:

MB 110833

Body Number:

no number

Body Type:


Factory Mystery Code:

Gross Weight:


Data Plate Origin:


Data Plate Material:


Date of Delivery:

Saturday April 24th, 1943

Submitted By:

Chris Podlesker

Date of Acquisition:

Sunday July 3rd, 1977

Location of Jeep:

Tres Arroyos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date Submitted:

Sunday October 29th, 2000

Date Last Modified:

Tuesday June 7th, 2005

G503 Spotlight Blurb:

Ford GPW in Argentina. Its engine has been rebuilt in Germany by the MAN company. It has an American Bosch horn and 6V Bosch windshield wiper. Under final restoration with much help from Gee guys !


My father bought this jeep in 1977, the same year I was born. G503 jeeps were imported by Argentinian government after WWII. In 2003 with enough bugs to start a good restoration I started doing the job. I have collected tons of information here at from good guys that help me every day. The GPW has a Willys Slat Grill engine but I am planning to change it by a Ford one. A couple of years ago I changed its gear box to T90 (civilian model) since I couldn't find a T84 in good conditions. Most of the parts and accesories are original except for the top bow that are repros. F marks everywhere. This restoration will be the last one I hope. We used the jeep as a 4WD vehicle at the beach. Rust really hurted all its body and we needed to do a huge tub resto. Some missing parts will be made from Jonīs Rogers drawings other will be brought from the US. I am planning to design a new web page to show you the restoration process and final work.

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