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Military Jeep Model:

Ford GPW

Serial Number:


Mil. Reg. (Hood) Number:

2067040 S

Frame Number:


Engine Number:


Body Number:

No body Number- Early.

Body Type:


Factory Mystery Code:

Nothing there- data plate gone!

Gross Weight:


Data Plate Origin:


Data Plate Material:


Date of Delivery:

Sunday March 29th, 1942

Submitted By:

Ian Fawbert

Date of Acquisition:

Saturday October 19th, 2002

Location of Jeep:

Sydney, N.S.W, Australia

Date Submitted:

Sunday November 2nd, 2003

Date Last Modified:

Wednesday June 22nd, 2005

G503 Spotlight Blurb:


I`ll add more as i find it, bought on 19/10/2002 after being in a family since 1946, when the husband bought the jeep after he was demobbed from the australian army, from then it was a family and work vehicle on a property near dubbo, N.S.W, Australia. P/S- passenger side, D/S- drivers side. I have found four filled holes above the ps rear mudguard- possible a radio? and also what looks like navy gray paint under its repainted civilian colours-maybe a undercoat though? there is also the small US star on the P/S just in front and above the rear grab handle. The engine number isn`t GPW, although it is definitely an early 42 all ford motor. Came into Australia from the US with engine number E30 (AWM records), then had NSW police VIN number applied over it. It still has this engine. 20/12/2002 found a blue rectangle on both D/S and P/S, i thought it was some military name, but after removing the layers of paint, found it to be the jeeps nickname- 'HORTENSE' it is the same on both sides, however i think it has been painted over a few times and so what i was looking at was a whole lot of letters on top of each other. Found the shape of a boomerang on each side, direclty below the windscreen brackets, down bout 15cm. 24/2/2003 Body sandblasted- found a few "salt and pepper" rust bits, also found a bullet hole throught passenger side inside mudguard- where the sheet metal overlaps on the corners. Should have body done soon.... fingers crossed! 2/4/2003 Finished sanding hood and found USA number- 2067040. I have also found remains of the Australian Rego#, ? ? 1 6 ? 0 or ? ? 1 6 0. Wil keep you all updated. 1/11/2003 Australian rego# is 161520- i was close above! listed as 1943 model in vehicle rego ledgers located at AWM. 23/6/05. Rolling chassis, Engine rebuilt, all components for an early 42 GPW sourced and nearly ready to put on... just waiting for the body to be finished. I am aiming for a finish date of mid september 05... fingers crossed people! Contact me for more details, or visit this page for some pictures of my jeep stuff. Ian.

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