24V to 110V inverter

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24V to 110V inverter

Post by mikeabn » Mon Mar 16, 2015 2:09 pm

This may sound a little crazy, but the dished-out area on the right side of the body does not have a cover plate. I believe this was for an electrical connection to slave to other vehicles.
I was wondering about putting a 24V DC to 110 volt AC inverter and putting a waterproof 110V outlet in this location. Might at least be able to plug in a cell phone charger or a TV to run war movies at a cruise night. I realize I would have to keep the vehicle running but trying to find a good use of this feature.

Tell me this is a dumb idea and I will put it out of my mind


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Re: 24V to 110V inverter

Post by 62gp » Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:06 pm

I don't think it is a dumb idea - it's your jeep, do what you want with it. A few years ago, I found a military 24v to 110v inverter on ebay. Can blow up air mattress, charge devices, run Christmas lights for Christmas parades, perk coffee, etc. Mine has a cooling fan inside so I do have to run the engine if I'm going to use it for any length of time. I mounted everything on the inside so it couldn't be seen.
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Re: 24V to 110V inverter

Post by dcartledge » Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:03 am

I think that's a great idea.

My idea for the same spot is to put a master cutoff switch there so I can disable the vehicle for shows etc,
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Re: 24V to 110V inverter

Post by 715m29 » Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:48 am

I just threw out a computer ups that could work for that purpose with some modification. I wanted to put it My utility trailer for a 110 inverter and trickle charger. It turned out to be 24v not12v like I had hoped. Find a ups with dead batterys and it should be almost free.
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