Removable bracing

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Removable bracing

Postby Fortyeight2A » Tue Nov 07, 2006 9:40 pm

I have had to add some braces to my CJ-2A. (I know photos would help here, but I am unable to do so--"technologically challenged", you know...) The part of the body tub beside the firewall, forward of the windshield mount, where the front fenders bolt up, had developed vertical cracks right about at the firewall. This leaves a triangular-shaped area of the skin that flexes freely with vibration, especially when the fenders don't support that area because they're falling off, too. I ran strips of steel strap about 1" wide by maybe 8 or 10" long from the top holes where the fenders bolt to the tub to existing holes in the firewall on each side. This provides support against the vibration, and has eliminated the urgency of repair of the body. The braces can be installed and removed easily whenever necessary, and since there's already factory holes in the firewall and fenders, you don't need to add more.
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