winch and engine heat

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winch and engine heat

Post by teach » Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:47 pm

For my M38A1, I'm thinking about storing a 5,000 lb winch (can't justify a larger one for the limited amount I might need it and the extra weight) mounted on a piece of 2" tube inside my engine compartment, down low on the passenger side, just inside the fender wall. I have plate about 12"x12" down near the bottom of the engine on this side with nothing on it, not sure of its original purpose. This would be a nice spot to mount a piece of receiver to accept the 2" tube on the winch, then I could just hold it in place with a pin until I needed it. This way it is out of the way, and it will stay dry. This gives me the ability to use the winch on front or rear of jeep as needed with some quick connects. However, I am concerned that heat from the engine might have a negative impact on the winch. The engine is a 4cyl. F-head. What do you folks think? I appreciate any input.

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Re: winch and engine heat

Post by Maverick1701 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:50 pm

I am also looking at adding a winch to my M38A1. I found this thread over on SS: ... ew-(Winch)

I messaged the OP and he didn't have any heat issues running is Warn 8274 (before we sent to a PTO winch). I am also planning on running an 8274 on my M38A1.

I vote go for it and just keep an eye on your engine temp gauge. that is my plan.

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