Hood hinge replacement

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Hood hinge replacement

Postby JeeperJim » Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:14 am

I posted this on the CJ2A page but realized that I forgot to put it here too.

I have the original CJ2A (1946) hood from my jeep and three of the lugs are cracked off for the hinge pin.
I purchased a new hinge about 10 years ago and was looking at finally doing the repair this weekend.
It appears that since this has two sides being signed as a replacement hinge assembly that the support rib for the hood should either be removed completely or partially so that the tab on the hood side can be welded in against the under side of the skin as opposed to just cutting a slit and inserting it into the support and welding the sides only.
I am appealing to other owners that have already replaced their hinges to the correct method for this minor surgical procedure.
It would not have me gain points if I were showing this jeep but I want it to be safe and functional as well as practical.

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