2015 Boy Scout “Boot-Camporee"

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2015 Boy Scout “Boot-Camporee"

Post by Tankdriver » Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:05 pm

Coming up this month is the Chickasaw Council of the Boy Scouts of America 2015 “Boot-Camporee” on Sat. March 28th starting at 9:30. If you want, you can unload on Friday. They plan on over 200 Scouts will be in attendance. This is the age group we really need to reach, if we plan on keeping our hobby alive and growing. Look at the average age of the members, and realize that if we do not get the young people involved , this hobby will be dead in 20 years.

Bobby, Tony and I went down to check and see about unloading and such, and I see no problems with that. Looks like we can unload on a dead end road right at the gate then drive the vehicles down anywhere they want us to put them for display. I marked the location on the map.

Please make plans to attend, and email me, or call me it you have any questions.

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