Schwimmwagen parts...

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Schwimmwagen parts...

Post by pierino » Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:36 am

I'm looking for parts for my Schwimmwagen...

to start: a VDO/VEIGEL speedo, 0-100kmh... a brake pedal and assy...

soon, more needs! ... 8)

1941 Ford GP
1942 Ford GTB, matching #'s
1943 Huffman model 81
1943 R.I.A. Hand Cart M3A4
1943 Willys MB
1943 Highway Trailer K-38
1944 Ford GPW, matching #'s
1944 Cushman 39G
1944 Harley WLA
1944 Converto Dump 1/2 Ton
1944 VW TYP166 Schwimmwagen
1960 Willys MB-T
1943 Stinson L-5

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