FT-17 TSF replica built

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FT-17 TSF replica built

Post by thejackel » Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:58 pm


I am researching the FT-17 TSF tank. This tank was designed and used during World War 1. It was also used during World War 2, but the tank was becoming obsolete at that time. The TSF model wass a radio/observer version off the FT-17 tank. I am currently making CAD drawings off the tank. I started this discussion with the following goals:
1. I am looking for as much information about this tank as possible (photo's, technical drawings, dimensions, technical details etc.).
2. I am looking for a FT-17 tank engine (and other parts). The tank was based on a tractor. Does someone know where I might find such a engine? Which tractor could I find a similar engine?
3. Does someone have photo's of the interior off the tank?
4. How does the drive train off the tank work? How did the driver drive the tank?

Other information is welcome offcourse. I will share the drawings, sources used and the design document on the following link:
http://dumeas.com/services.php (Heading FT-17 Tank replica project)

I hope you can help me!

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