question about WOF rear seats

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question about WOF rear seats

Post by lowbonnet » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:53 am

I have this what I believe is an original Willys rear seat but it has four holes in the middle. A WOF seat has these holes as well for an extra bracket. But I also believe that WOF seats are marked WOF and mine doesn't have any WOF markings.

Mine has the 4 holes, but does not have the bracket in the middle seen on WOF rear seats, so it might be an original Willys rear seat and the holes were added later.

Anyone know if it is true that WOF rear seats were all marked WOF?

I am planning to sell this rear seat, but I want to be sure its origin, because of the 4 holes.

This photo is not my seat, but it is a nice example of a WOF stamp in the bottom pan of a rear seat
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