2017 East Coast Rally May 11-13

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Re: 2017 East Coast Rally May 11-13

Postby diamondjim » Sun May 14, 2017 5:10 pm

I found a older nos m38c windshield frame,made some good contacts,maybe we are just running out of stuff,and it is a "older" hobby,being 53, I am one of the young ones,in general its the whole flea market show that the next generation is not into,plenty of empty spots at Englishtown/Carlisle also,I am still going, had tons of fun,jim d
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Re: 2017 East Coast Rally May 11-13

Postby major519 » Sun May 14, 2017 7:28 pm

BY no means do I intend to offend but merely wanted an overall opinion of what others experiences were. I have and will continue to support WAG Aberdeen show. This year was not possible as one has to chose sometimes one over another. Of course it is what you make it. My general impression of Aberdeen is that for whatever reason, vendors and attendees seem to lessen a little year after year. Hopefully things can turn around for the better in the future. Of course people will complain about the weather which makes no sense as it is mother nature.
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Re: 2017 East Coast Rally May 11-13

Postby Rickf » Mon May 15, 2017 6:39 am

They eliminated the entire row of spots along the treeline at the back of the lot. Mine and several others in my group were part of that elimination. We were not told, we did not receive our packets for renewal of our spots, we were left in the dark. When we inquired we were told the spots were no longer available with no other explanation. It took two months to finally get an explanation of "we need the space for the road to the parking lot. What a load of crap! The guy that was on the corner at the end of the row just moved down to the end of the next row out and was blocking the next corner down! So the road was still impassable. Jim Henry had the rest of the area blocked with his rig. I came in with my truck and trailer and ended up weaving through the show lanes trying to get to the parking area. There was a huge motor home parked where our spots were, SOMEONE had some pull, that is for sure!!! The end result for the club was the loss of many paying vendors that used to buy spots back there.
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Re: 2017 East Coast Rally May 11-13

Postby DodgeMan » Mon May 15, 2017 9:49 am

I've been going to the Aberdeen meets since the late 80s and I'm getting more and more disappointed every year. There used to be a lot more vehicles on display, and the availability of decently-priced WWII-era parts was better. Of course it's been 30+ years and things have changed, especially with older vehicle owners dying off. What used to be more vehicle-oriented now seems to be a military-oriented flea market, with some vehicle-related stuff. In the last 10 years I've seen more and more military surplus clothing show up, for example, sometimes entire truck loads. There are more and more M-series vehicles in evidence also.

As for me, for this specific show I went on Friday, and my main scores were with Mr. Winget and company. I prefer buying parts at shows because they generally are cheaper than on-line, there's more to be found, and also there's stuff there that never shows up on-line at all. Also the give and take (and sometimes the free education) with vendors is part of the fun. In the last few years I've often gone to Aberdeen with high hopes but came back pretty much disappointed.

The weather was not good. Part of many discussions I had with various people was the idea of moving the show to later in the year. The month of May is always iffy in the mid-Atlantic region anyway.

Many, many vendor spots were empty. As far as display vehicles, there were just a handful. For the very first time I took no photos, and I normally take many, many photos.

As in many areas of collecting, the older generations are dying and the demographics and interests of the younger generations are different. This is in part changing some of these shows. I see it in other places also.

My 2 cents.

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Re: 2017 East Coast Rally May 11-13

Postby Jeeps4Brains » Mon May 15, 2017 11:07 am

Having been to the rally at the stadium for years, there was another year when it rained off and on a lot. I felt like this year was no smaller or larger than last. I took a few things to sell and paid for my spot and gas to the rally.

I have been collecting now for years and have some surplus items. So I bought them to sell at a reasonable price. Other than the vendors it's the folks that have leftover items to sell that make the shows. I wonder if we are at a point where the older folks in the hobby are not able to bring their stuff and it is just sitting someplace for a picker to find.

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Re: 2017 East Coast Rally May 11-13

Postby Jeff H » Tue May 16, 2017 6:45 pm

I enjoy going, and the location is an easy drive from S. Jersey. Thank you to the group that puts on the show. I went Friday and it was nice weather, but the rain on Thursday and Saturday certainly didn't help seller and display attendance.
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Re: 2017 East Coast Rally May 11-13

Postby Randy R. » Wed May 17, 2017 6:23 am

I agree with Jeff. And a thank you to the club for all of the hard work they do running this show every year.
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Re: 2017 East Coast Rally May 11-13

Postby Adam » Thu May 18, 2017 9:06 pm

I went to the show on Thursday, Left Upstate PA at 4am. Went last year and the previous year too. It did rain the last 2 years on at least the first day. Its still a decent show. In the first hour or so before the rain started I bought about 20 jeep items, as did quite a few other guys. Gotta bring a wagon next year. There were quite a few people carrying parts to their vehicles throughout the morning rain. This is a good place to meet people, swap stories, deliver some engines and trannys to other attendees and what not.

Parking has always been a issue, 3 years ago had to park across the street at the hotel lot. Last year had to drive down row 2 between the buyers and sellers, it was tight, wonder nobody got hit. This year was a little better, even considered bringing the camper since maybe there would of been parking, might of got it in had I tried but didnt want to chance it so I left the camper at a rest stop on I95. Please fix the parking issue, I dont drive a ugo. How would you get a 2.5 or halftrack in there?

Mostly all the shows, Sussex last month and Jim thorpe? the month before? had tons of clothing and other unrelated stuff but thats what makes it interesting..As far as parts go, they are getting tougher to find, and with complete rustbucket part jeeps going from 200 bucks 20 years ago to 2 and 3K now, how many parts can you sell at fleamarket prices?

Anyway I though the show was great, what little I did see of it, so thanks to the guys who put it together and to those who did show up and participate in it. I remember going to Jakes flea market years ago, the meet was out in front, got lots of attention, 1988 maybe, there used to be tons of people selling stuff and vehicles there, I used to take a 20' trailer full of parts, now last year, or maybe the year before, maybe 5 people stuffed way in the back of the flea market. Lets not let this happen to Aberdeen.

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Re: 2017 East Coast Rally May 11-13

Postby M1009A1 » Fri May 19, 2017 2:45 pm

According to the GPA show schedule there will not be any show at Jakes this year, there will be a Militaria show put on by Jakes in June but it will be first come for spaces at the flea market...
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