Burn rate chart and WC890 for 25mm Puteaux

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Burn rate chart and WC890 for 25mm Puteaux

Post by waterdawg2004 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:06 pm

Any body use WC 890 for 25mm Puteaux, did it work and how much is enough Thanks. See below for Burn rates of powders I found online. WC 890 looks like it is on the slow end of the chart. Thanks for any input.

Powder Designation Cartridge
SPI Igniter Artillery
OBP® 126 .50 Cal. Blank M1A1
SMP® 545 5.56mm Grenade Launcher
WC 814 5.56mm Blank M200
WC 818 7.62mm Blank M82
WC 815 60mm Mortar
WC 819 81mm Mortar
WPR® 260 5.56mm SRTA M862
WPR® 270 9mm NATO HPT
WPR® 289 9mm NATO M882
WPR® 293 9mm Subsonic
WC 294 25mm Air Burst
WC 687 7.62 x 39mm Ball
WC 816 120mm Mortar Igniter Propellant
WC 827 7.62mm SLAP M948, SLAP-Tracer M959
SMP® 842 5.56mm Non-toxic
SMP® 843 5.56mm Carbine
WC 844 5.56mm Ball M193 & M855, Tracer M196
WC 844T 5.56mm Tracer M856
WCR® 845 5.56mm Ball M855, Tracer M856, M995
WC 846 7.62mm Ball M80, Tracer M62
WC 846S 7.62mm Ball M80, Tracer M62
WC 846 + CaCO3 7.62mm Ball M80
SMP® 744 7.62mm Ball M80
SMP® 849 7.62mm M80A1
WC 855 30mm AAH TP M788, HEDP M789
SMP® 855 30mm AAH TP M788, HEDP M789
WC 856 .50 Cal. SLAP M903, SLAP-Tracer M962
WC 857 .50 Cal. Tracer M17
WC 858 20mm HPT M54
WC 859 20mm Phalanx MK149
WC 860 .50 Cal. Ball M33
WC 862 .50 Cal. Ball NATO
WC 860 + CaCO3 .50 Cal. Ball M33
SMP® 860 .50 Cal. Ball M33
WC 863 120mm Mortar Main Charge
WC 864 155mm MACS Igniter
WC 866 20mm PIVAD M940
WC 867 20mm MPC PGU 28/B
WC 868 20mm Improved PGU 28/B
WC 869 25mm M910 TPDS-T
WC 872 20mm TP M55, HEI M56
SHP® 831 25mm M919 and 105mm XM350 Low Zone
WC 886 25mm M791 APDS-T
OBP® 888 20mm ELC
WC 890 25mm HEI-T M792, TP-T M793
SMP® 795 25mm APEX
SHP® 832 30mm GAU/8A TP PGU15, API PGU14, API GU13
SMP® 992 155mm MACS Decoppering Pellets
SHP® 923 120mm IM HE-T
SHP® 941 5” Navy
SHP® 944 155mm AGS
SHP® 947 105mm XM350 Mid-Zone
SHP® 948 105mm XM350 High-Zone
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Re: Burn rate chart and WC890 for 25mm Puteaux

Post by Austringer » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:45 am

Anyone know what powder that was used in the 90mm ATG rounds as used in the M3, M54 and I believe M68 90mm ATGs?

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