WTB WC 51 /52 Wiring Harness parts, and other stuff

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WTB WC 51 /52 Wiring Harness parts, and other stuff

Post by thunder37 » Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:14 pm

WTB WC 51 /52 Wiring Harness parts:

I need wiring harness for a WC51 truck, just going to be a runner right now, I will fully restore it after I retire in 8-10 years.

I have a NOS upper chassis harness, and the 3 lamp instrument harness.

I mostly need the Lower Chassis Harness, the long one from the round junction block to the tail.

I don't mind a good used one, or a new one maybe you bought and ended up not using it. Don't care if it is reproduction, NOS or from European rebuilds, as long as it is fairly correct and in decent shape.

ALSO: WTB: Most any condition, new, used, beat up, repro, rusty, whatever. If you got extra parts laying around, might as well get something for them.

1. Seat cushion springs and canvas, any parts or all for driver and passenger seats. I have nice metal pans but just need the rest. I do not care about originality. Just need something to get by. Right now I am using seat cushions from an M151, so most anything would look better...:)
2. Tailgate hinges
3. Spare Tire Bracket and tire hold down plate
4. Fuel Level Sending Unit 12V, repro
5. Early Small Gas Cap
6. Wiring Harness, usable or new, need all wiring at some point so what you got?
7. Brake wheel cylinders, front and rear, new, rebuilt or usable
8. Rubber brake hoses, front and rear set (4 pcs) prefer new
9. Seal, Shifter area, leather, with or without PTO cutout
10. Lazy-Back Troop Seat parts, Brackets, boards, what you got?
11. Bed wood replacement boards, home made, usable, whatever ?
12. Wood Floor Boards (used but serviceable is fine)
13. Rear View Mirror (I only really need the head with mirror, I have the bracket)
14. Fill Neck Grommet
Thanks !


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