1942 chevrolet G506 for sale.

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1942 chevrolet G506 for sale.

Postby shoeshop » Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:44 am

NOT MINE!!, tought it would be intressting to post it here, looks to be a good project truck, price is not high if you ask me,

http://www.vintagemilitaryvehicles.com/ ... .5ton.html
1945 willys MB #451674 (under restoration) OREGON FOX
hood number #20718239 S (SOLD)
1944 chevy G506 (needs restoration)
1943 gmc cckw 352 (needs restoration) WILD BOAR
194? ben hur trailler (partly restored)
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Re: 1942 chevrolet G506 for sale.

Postby wc56daveyboy » Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:41 am

no, the price is NOT too high as you say.

Where is it located? I didnt look around the site to determine its location.

Looks like the doors may be in the cargo bed of the truck.

The bed looks nice and straight, the cab looks pretty nice and rust free as well..

make no mistake, however, its going to need a complete rebuild, and bigger trucks = big $$$.

but once complete, these trucks are the best to drive.

I drove mine to the local car show sponsoserd by my local VFW.. I know the commander there.

The mayor was also there.

I set up the truck and displayed it as my ww2 kitchen truck.

Won best of show, Mayor "choice award.

Very nice... Truck ran like a top, as always...
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