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Re: WTB: Halftrack

Post by pyropanzer » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:28 pm

Hey! I got just what you want other than being an M3A1 and not a M2. Its ready to go, farthest one way trip was 26 miles so a good road runner. Also goes to the range, back into the vehicle pit and let her rip. Brownings are great all the brass falls in the halftrack so you don't have to police brass just drive it home and shovel it out the back door. Original armor except the pulpit. Roller model, complete M3A1 interior, all original gauges, all work. Have'nt thought about selling it, but if I can recover my monetary investment I'll let it go. Then probably regret it. Lots of spare parts and new set of tracks. If this doesn't scare you and your in interested call me $48,000.00 (919)575-4622. Oh its in N.C.. Regards, Anthony

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