For sell Harley Davidson WLA type IV

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For sell Harley Davidson WLA type IV

Post by Willygpwsman » Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:33 am

selling Harley Davidson WLA type IV.
Motorcycle complete restored with all original parts. 70% of parts are NOS ( new old stock).
NOS wheels, NOS oil tank, NOS all inside engine parts like pistons, bearings, bushings etc. All now inside gearbox parts, NOS rear fender, NOS wires, NOS speedometer, NOS dash base, NOS switch key, NOS blackout, NOS carburetor m88, etc
All OEM ( Original leather, saddlebags, seat, Thompson scabbard leg shield leather etc)
Bike working perfect and in perfect condition with papers.
Price 35000$. Make me an offer.

If you need more info PM
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