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old man
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new to the 151 but not to the 503 board

Post by old man » Wed May 03, 2017 12:31 pm

Hello to all.
I spent most of my time here in the m274 section.
So I am new to the m151 section.
I purchased a A151A2, 1977, AMGR. uncut. It was a bit of a leap of faith I only seen photos of it. and what the previous owner has told me. it runs good and in working order, used for parades and shows. But not used much in the past few years. I believe his words were it runs good and drives good, but I wouldn't take it on any cross country trips.
The kicker is I haven't seen it in person yet, I'm still waiting for delivery, I can't wait to get my hands on it and start going through it.
My question is what are the first things I should be checking out. I do what to use it for a few convoys we have up here and want to avoid any problems.
any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: new to the 151 but not to the 503 board

Post by Rickf » Wed May 03, 2017 4:35 pm

First and foremost is to check for rust in the frame rails and suspension supports. This can range from minor to beyond repair and we have seen all of the above on vehicle listed as "Great condition" and "Minor rust". Next is oil leaks from the differentials and transmission. There are a LOT of seals and they all tend to leak at once for some reason, it is a 151 thing. :lol: U-joints, you have 12 u-joints and they will all need grease unless the PO was diligent about that. The ones on the outboard ends of the axles need to be checked regularly for looseness since they are the first to go due to the angles they run at.

That will get you started.
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