Has anyone turbocharged a 6.2L?

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Has anyone turbocharged a 6.2L?

Post by TOBASH » Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:01 pm

FNG here.

I await delivery on a 1987 6.2 L with a TH 400 stock transmission.

I have the intake and exhaust manifold and turbo charger from a 6.5. I am aware there are differences between the heads?

has anyone undertaken the task of turbo charging a 6.2? Is there are preferred method?

Is it as simple as swapping to a 6.5 head set? Which 6.5 head should I use if that is the case?

I am not interested in transmission swaps or swapping in a 6.5. I guess that limits some of my options. I am also not interested in switching in a Cummins.



PS: If this is not the appropriate forum, please let me know a better place to post.

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Re: Has anyone turbocharged a 6.2L?

Post by jdmcm » Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:04 pm

Yes sir, put a Gale Banks Sidewinder on mine, then removed it for Whipple supercharger...worked good, was fairly easy, did not use the stock air box, just ran a K&N off the turbo.

This turbo was designed for the 6.2, no head swapping was necessary

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